Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons... Blog About Them

My title today comes from a seriously messed-up turn of events that happened at about 9PM last night. Of course, I handled them as any normal person would handle adversity.

People handle adversity by:
1. Freaking out
2. Crying
3. Yelling
4. Facing it head on.

... I tend to do all four.

At about 9PM last night I realized that I had been having weird cravings lately, that I had a serious case of pizza-face acne, that I was being emotional about insignificant things, and that I had strange neck pain.

Yep, before I took 3 negative (PHEW!) pregnancy tests, I thought that those random array of symptoms meant that I had some 'splaining to do to lots of people. However, the only explanation I'd need after finding three, surprisingly cheerful little minus signs, was that stress has been causing my weird symptoms.

The heart of my stress comes from dealing with planning a philanthropy event for my sorority. Or rather, two events. One event in the immediate future, and one event in the far future. Not only is there stress involved in planning on this scale - with the emails, and the phone calls, and the text messages, and the endless supply of questions - but there is also stress involved when your plan hits roadblocks.

While I'm not going to discuss what those roadblocks are specifically, I will tell you that the blocks came up when my grand ideas hit opposition. From more than one side. Pile that on top of an approaching internship application deadline, a pregnancy scare, little sleep, and falling behind in schoolwork, and you've got a freaking out, crying, yelling mess of a college girl. Of course, after realizing that crying wasn't helping, I decided to take a short break from thinking about everything, drink some coffee, and face the problem head on.

So currently, I'm staying busy, not freaking out, and dealing with all the problems that come with all my responsibilities. 

From all this, and from dealing with all this, I have come to one conclusion:

When your life takes on more meaning, it also takes on more problems. The real test of your worth is how you deal with all those problems.

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3