Saturday, April 20, 2013

Give Me The Simple Life

As I looked at my notebook, the notebook that held everything, my reasons for becoming a Catholic, and all my notes from my RCIA class, I started to wonder, what would my life be like if I wasn't so materialistic. If I didn't have 7 "sratty" hair bows. If I didn't buy every sorority shirt and memorabilia that comes my way. If I didn't have my brand-new bracelet to brag about. What would happen if I just stopped buying things.

Jesus led by example, and if we all followed his example, nail salons and shoe stores would be out of business in a heartbeat, because people would realize that (although we may like to think so) buying that new pair of pumps won't make us happier. Getting a pedicure won't, and and picking up a new dress for my confirmation (although I would like to have one, as the one I brought from home is a sundress, and the weather is still cold) won't either.
It's time women, and men for that matter, faced the facts. Having nice things is just that, nice. It isn't fulfilling in any way. I think that more than anything I realize that now. It just kind of occurred to me as I was sitting on my bed, in the sheets that I dragged my mom to 7 stores to find, under the comforter that I want to replace because of a burn mark from a heating pad. Sitting beside my desk are my $145 ray-bans that I just had to have, my 7 new hair bows, my brand new fuzzy winter hat, and my new Vera Bradley bag.
None of this stuff made me happier. It's just taking up space. I'd have been fine with a plain set of bedsheets instead of the zebra ones I have now. This comforter keeps me plenty warm, even with the one brown-spot. The $5 sunglasses in my drawer would do the same job as the $145 ray-bans, I really didn't need all those hair-bows to feel like a real sorority girl. My fuzzy hat - I'd have done just fine with the brown knit hat made with love by my sister. And as for my Vera Bradley, I already have a perfectly good purse that I could still be using. Granted, I needed the new wallet, as mine had broken, but that's the only good reason I have had to buy anything lately.
What would happen if I couldn't buy anything except necessities? Would I be any less happy? I don't think so. I think that we focus too much on what we want instead of being grateful for what we have.
Instead of buying a new dress for confirmation in two weeks, I'm going to wear a pair of tights under my dress and a sweater over it, and focus on the experience rather than how I'm wearing a worn-out dress.
Instead of buying a new purse for the summer, I'm going to use one I bought a few summers back.
Instead of constantly wanting more, I'm going to stop and be thankful for what I have.