Monday, December 12, 2011


Yes. I'm scared.

I'm having thoughts; thoughts about somebody. I have feelings for someone, and the only problem is that those feelings are being overshadowed by another feeling, fear. 
Last time I fell for someone, I fell hard. He was everything I wanted. Or so I thought. That everything left though, and I must say, heartbreak is not an easy feeling to forget. There are so many things that I'm scared of. 
I'm scared that I'll fall too hard. 
I'm scared that something is going to go wrong. 
I'm scared of making mistakes.
I'm scared of feeling lost again. 
But most of all, I'm scared that I'm going to give up again, just like I did the last time. 

I know that life is about facing your fears, but that doesn't completely make them go away. And I want them to go away so badly! I wish I could just wake up one morning and completely forget why I fear all these things. But as it is, I can't get them off my mind. 

One comforting thought though is, I wouldn't even be having these fears if I didn't really like him. At least I'm allowing myself to do that! I just need to allow myself to get close. These irrational fears are holding me back though. And they only show up right when I want to get close to someone. 


Well, even if you're experiencing an internal conflict like I am, that's no excuse not to...

Keep it classy. Keep it country,
Gretta Patrick <3

And Finals Week Has Officially Begun

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I'm feeling right about now. 
Complete with the ineffective red-bull and candy.
You ever get into those moods where you can't possibly study anymore, but you can't go to sleep either? Yeah, me too! I'm in one of those moods right now. My mind is racing, and it's mostly racing because there is a grand total of one final that's stressing me out right now. It's not even my honors final, which is supposed to be a complete be-yotch. I'm going to three review sessions for my honors final, I'll be fine on that, but it's my one final from my one class that I absolutely hate that is stressing me out. It's on tuesday morning, and to be completely honest, when that final is over, my life will be so much easier!

I absolutely hate those kinds of little stresses. But, the good thing about them is this: when they're finally over, you feel like you've just finished a marathon. Yeah you're exhausted, but hey, now it's time to re-freaking-lax!
The bad thing about them though, is the fact that most of the time, life decides to throw even more  unnecessary stresses at you. It's totally because you're over thinking and over analyzing everything, but nevertheless, stress follows stress, and creates more stress, and perpetuates the stress cycle. The best remedy for that is venting. If you just find somebody who is willing to listen to you scream, then your feelings are out, and you're done. Moving on.

Back to studying for me!

Keep it classy, keep it country,
Gretta Patrick <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things to do over Christmas Break

1. Impress everyone with my pecan pie (again), maybe with chocolate this time!
2. Watch It's a Wonderful Life like 12 times
3. See my friends, and have the fun times that we always do
4. Drive fast in my little red girly car (MK!) and blast Taylor Swift Christmas music and sing along like an idiot
5. Drink LOTS of hot chocolate
6. Actually make a batch of cowgirl cookies to eat for myself
7. Sleep in, and stay in my fuzzy jammies until dark
8. Play with my dogs
9. Sleepover with my BFF Millie (just like old times)
10. Try to ignore Meg when she tries to get me out of bed
11. Spend time with my family
12. Run around the house singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs
13. Finally finish that Nicholas Sparks book
14. Take a bubble bath! (or twelve)
15. Make eggnog, and not screw it up this time
16. Eat cake for breakfast
17. Paint my nails, red and green of course!
18. Find the pickle ornament on Christmas morning (it better be on the CHRISTMAS tree this time, meg)
19. NOT get my mom the same thing she gets me this year!
20. Classic Christmas Eve party! Heck yes!
21. Sledding! Provided it snows
22. Also snowmobiling
23. Use the Espresso machine! Homemade Caramel Macchiatos here I come!
25. Start writing in my diary again

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Not Stress About Christmas Shopping.

Christmas shopping: probably the most fun a girl can have during the holiday season (sorry guys). One problem, it can also be the most stressful part of the season! "What should I get for Aunt Delilah?" or "Do you think my sister will like this shirt?" or "Will this cologne make my boyfriend smell like a girl?"
This can make a girl go mad. I know, I'm an expert. At going mad, that is! Especially over Christmas shopping, so here's the most surefire way to de-stress about it.

Just don't do it.

That's right, you heard me (not really). Just don't go Christmas shopping! Or at least, don't actually buy your gifts when you do. Still not catching my drift?

Do I have to hand this to you on a silver platter? Just make your Christmas gifts! Handmade gifts are so much better than literally anything you can buy! Granted, diamonds are still a girl's best friend (hint hint).

Think about this: sitting at home, snow falling outside, a fire roaring in the fireplace, watching Luke Wilson in The Family Stone (greatest Christmas movie EVER), and crafting. Doesn't that sound like bliss? And the best part is, you don't have to deny anyone a shopping trip! Just insist on going to a craft store, pick up some odds and ends, then sit in starbucks and sip your peppermint mocha while everyone else gets to figure out whether dad already has that hat.

End result: a much happier camper, and a lot more holiday cheer!

And you people wonder why I'm always the cheery one offering to make hot cocoa and popcorn around Christmas!

Also, sign up for pinterest! Then check the DIY sections for great ideas on what to make for people for this Christmas

Keep it classy. Keep it country,
Gretta Patrick <3

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"I don't know what road we're on or where we've been"

So on my last blog, I wrote a post about how to put "spice" back into relationships, and I wrote that because I know that relationships can get kind of dull after a while. I spoke about how the reason women look for spice is because we all crave that feeling we get when we're just getting to know a man, and when things are new and exciting. Well, ladies, whether you've just met someone new (as I have!) or whether you're in a long term relationship and are looking for some spice, here's something for you. I am going to attempt to describe what it feels like when you've met someone new who you really like.

It feels like you're driving in the middle of the summer with the windows down, and you're on some back-road. No cops around. You're excited and you speed up to 80, then 90 mph. The wind is in your hair, and it feels exhilarating. It's also scary because it's a little dangerous and there's a very slight chance you can get caught.

Your heart races, because you get so nervous. But you don't even know what you're nervous about. Especially right before the guy arrives, your heart starts racing and your face goes all red, and you can't stop moving around. It's like you're doing some kind of dance, the "I-can't-believe-he's-actually-here" dance. Then he gets there, and you act all cool but you're actually not cool. Inside you're still doing your "I-can't-believe-this" dance, but outside you're more like "Hi. It's nice to see you too!"

It's so incredibly exciting. And for about an hour after ever date you feel almost high. You laugh and happy-dance and scream about it with your girlfriends.

It's also incredibly terrifying. You feel like any second something is going to go wrong. You feel like any second, your car is going to pass by a police officer, or another car on another road and then you're going to crash! That's always the danger when you ride in your car that fast! New flings are exhilarating but any second, it can get ruined.

That's the feeling. That's what women want. They want their heart to race and they want the risk. Even though there's the danger factor in there, it's exciting and it's what puts the spring in the woman's step. Anyway just some food for thought.

Keep it classy, Keep it country.
Gretta Patrick <3