Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hate dry skin? Then don't use this product!

For some time, I have been a straight up Mary Kay girl. Everything I use and that I love comes from Mary Kay. However, because of being in the great city of Chicago, around so many cosmetics stores I've been getting samples of other products, GASP!

Usually I use TimeWise moisturizer, dry skin formula. Then the TimeWise day cream over that, but when a dashingly handsome man with a European accent handed me a sample of Merlot Collection Day Cream and told me he was, "giving me a piece of his heart," I just had to take the sample and actually use it! (I cannot resist a man with an accent. I've bought more from carts with foreign men than I'd like to admit... just because I want to hear them talk more)

Here is what I think of the Vine Vera Merlot Collection Day cream.

1. It takes a step out of my morning routine. It's moisturizer and day cream in one, and for a heavy sleeper and a reluctant riser, this is crucial.

2. It's creamy consistency and wonderful smell draw me in

3. Its propensity to wear off halfway through the day leaving me with a painfully dry face draws me right back to my tried-and-true Mary Kay products.

 Only goes to show ladies, that sometimes the tried-and-true is (sometimes) better than the exotic. Even if the exotic comes from gorgeous European men.

No. I'm not only talking about makeup.

Keep it Classy, Keep it Country <3
Gretta Patrick

Has anyone tried any new Products lately? Share your stories in the comments below!