Monday, December 29, 2014

Homemade Lipstick in 6 Easy Steps!

A a poor college student, I'm always looking for any chance to save a few bucks, and after discovering a way to make your own lipstick, I knew I just had to give it a try! Plus, it only takes 2 ingredients that you probably already have laying around.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Coconut Oil
2. Crayons
3. Measuring Spoons
4. A double boiler
      OR if you don't have one, you can use a large pan and a small pan
5. Small, white dish (Needs to be white so you can see the color better as it melts)
6. Something to put the finished lipstick in. I used small containers

Now, let's make the lipstick. It's all natural, since crayons are mainly just paraffin wax and dye. I mean, I ate these - er, some kids eat these - in preschool, so they're made to be nontoxic and safe!

Step 1: Pick out your colors

I used these three colors. I recommend writing down the colors on a white sheet of paper as shown above, so that in case you want to re-make a color you really like, you know what color of crayon you used.

Step 2: Set up your double boiler

What you'll want to do is fill the large pan with water, set the small pan in the middle of the water, and then put the small dish in the small pan. Turn the stove on LOW and wait a while for the dish to get just warm - not hot - enough so you can still comfortably touch it.
While you're waiting for the dish to heat up, you can do step 3.

Step 3: Peel

Peel the paper off your crayons. Make sure to keep them in order of where you wrote the color down.

Step 4: Melting coconut oil

Add in a teaspoon of coconut oil to the dish. Wait about two minutes for it to melt completely, and it should look like water once it's melted.

Step 5: Add your crayon

Break your crayon into 3 or 4 pieces, and put them into the coconut oil. Mix occasionally and wait for the crayon to melt completely into a liquid. This step should take about 12-13 minutes to ensure all of the crayon melts.

Step 6: Pour lipstick into container

Once the crayon has melted completely, you can pour it carefully into a  small container. Wait for it to cool. Then, all that's left is to wear and enjoy! I use my finger to apply them, and just wash my hands afterwards. I keep hand wipes in my purse in case I want to reapply on the go. I find that the heat of my hands helps melt the coconut oil slightly and it goes on smoother. If that freaks you out at all, you can always use a small makeup brush or a q-tip.

Lavender Crayon

Violet Red Crayon

Bittersweet Crayon (My Favorite) 

These lipsticks make perfect gifts! And they're so fun to make and they save you money!
Happy Crafting! 

Keep it classy, Keep it country, 
Gretta Patrick <3

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