Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the Countdown Is On!

Today marks a few different things. One of the most significant, is a birthday - er, two birthdays. Julia Child's birthday is today, and my Dog, Bacchus, who just went through a very unpleasant surgery, turned 10 today. Happy birthday to a fabulous late TV personality chef, and a dog with the best personality ever. 
Today also marks my last day of one of my summer jobs. Not that it was a bad job, but hopefully, with some luck this school year, it was my last day ever working that job! 
Also, there's only six more days until I move back to Chicago. I can't wait to get back to my life there. I'm going to miss my friends here like crazy, but I'm almost packed, I'm counting down days, I'm really ready to go back. It's not enough that my room looks like a war zone with all the clothes and shoes and miscellaneous junk that will soon be packed into boxes and packed into my new apartment, but I also have unfinished business in the craft room to finish before I move into the new place. I've already gone above and beyond for my roommates, what with supplying furniture, kitchen supplies, etc. I've also been doing some crafting for our room. Pictures will come. 
This exciting transition back into school gets me on the subject of change. I've changed so much from last year. If anyone who really knows me thinks back to a year ago today, they would see a much different person than the one typing at this computer right now. They'd see a girl who was head over heels for the biggest mistake of her life. They'd see a girl who had no idea what she wanted, but knew it was nothing that her parents said they wanted for her. They'd see a recovering rebel, a girl with a few different crossroads ahead. 
Now, a year later, things have changed. I'm no longer the same recovering rebel who couldn't see the train-wreck she was heading for. I no longer want the same things I did a year ago. I may still be Gretta, but my outlook on life has completely changed. I'm now just a little bit more grown up than last year. I wouldn't change that for the world, and I'm happy for all the changes that came. 
Some people don't like change, but I say, after careful reflection: bring it on. 

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country. 
Gretta Patrick <3

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