Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello Love! Here's to Six More... and So On...

Well, I was going to write about something useful, like the benefits of finding a hobby, or the wonderful world of packing for college, but instead I'm writing about something much more exciting on this particular evening.

In earlier blog posts, I've written about letting love find you, about how exciting new relationships feel, about the fear that comes with new relationships, and about the many different aspects of falling for someone. Well, I'm happy to say that to this day, I'm infinitely happy that I conquered my fear of falling all those months ago. I'm happy to say that the exciting new relationship I wrote about hasn't been dull for one second since then, and it's all because I took my own advice, and let love find me.

This past November, I found my incredible boyfriend, Kyle. Since I "bumped into him," he's been my best friend, my unending source of laughter, my confidante, and last but certainly not least, the best boyfriend in the world, and after a very interesting game of truth or dare six months ago, my life hasn't been the same, it's been so much better!

Half a year since I answered "yes" to his "two-part truth." Half a year since I've been able to call him all mine, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I still love talking to him, I love laughing at all his silliness, I love making him laugh that laugh I love so much, and I love being able to know he's always going to be there for me.

Now, I've also written about the difficulties that come along with distance. Spending this summer away from my boyfriend has been far from easy. I've had my share of sadness, of frustration, of heartache. I'm not going to say that the distance thing gets any easier, because in reality, it doesn't. You just get used to it, and you find ways to deal with it. That being said, if I can spend three of our six months together, upwards of 200 miles away from him, and still love him more every day,  then I know we can spend many more months together. Even if we're apart for part of that... if that makes any sense at all.
So, here's to six more. And six more after that, and so on, etc...

Keep it classy. Keep it country.
Gretta Patrick <3

P.S. I'm still as in love with you, and more, as I was when I first told you I love you! And I still miss you you silly Pengin! So... Here's some Penguins!

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