Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Happiness Project. Day 16. Romance Novels

Today's misson: find and start reading a sappy romance novel. Reading makes me happy, and one of my favorite novels happens to be The Sleeping Beauty Proposal, by Sarah Strohmeyer. Hopeless romantic that I am, reading about other peoples' love stories makes me infinitely happier. I love Nicholas Sparks books, but since this isn't the sadness project, I decided to stay away from those.
However, I also think that if reading makes you happy, but not necessarily reading about romance, you should read about whatever it is that makes you happy! So read people! 

P.S. This post was filmed one day before I got a major haircut! Be sure to check out tomorrow's to see footage of me cutting it all off!

Tell me: What's your favorite book?

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