Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calming Thoughts

Okay fellow country girls, now that we're getting into the full swing of the semester, we're starting to feel a little bit stressed. As the "country girl in Chicago," my stress is heightened by the uber fast-paced city. If you're a country girl at heart and are trying to live in a busy city, you know how I'm feeling. You're trying to keep up with everything, but even on a semi non-busy day, you end up feeling so exhausted.
That's because we're used to going back to a house in the middle of nowhere, petting our dogs, kicking our feet up, maybe relaxing by a fireplace. We're used to being able to sit down and vent to our moms, sisters, dads, grandmas, anyone. Here, when we go home, we're still technically at school, and that's doing nothing for our over-used minds.
What is it that calmed you down at home? For me, it was just putting on my Carhartt, a pair of boots, and just walking. I lived literally in the middle of nowhere, and walking meant through fields, by water, on back-roads, maybe gravel or dirt roads, and always with friends or dogs. Even in the dead of winter, I'd step out and go on a walk. As soon as I'd step out of the house, my dogs would meet me. Then, anywhere I went, they'd be there. And I could just walk, and think, and sort things out.
Here, walking isn't the same. It isn't an adventure like it was at home. Granted, it was a very uneventful adventure, but taking a walk in the city isn't the same. Here, there are cars, other people, and my dogs aren't with me. So how on earth am I going to calm myself down?

One: Call my mom. Any time I'm having a bad day, even hearing about home makes me feel better.
Two: Go to the quiet room in the library (or in my case, the quiet floor. I'm sure every university has one), and stare out the window and sort out my thoughts. This helps a lot!
Three: Take a nap. Even if it's only for 20 minutes, I still feel like I've had a little break from all that work.
Four: Clean. Country girls most always had chores at home, so why not simulate them here. Also, it gives you a little break from tasks at hand.
Five: Call my sisters. When all else fails. Talk to my best friends! Things will always look better when I talk to them!
Six: Read for fun. At home, I had a huge library, and would read a lot. So reading takes me back to that happy place.

There you have it. My tips for how to calm the mind of a country girl.

Keep it classy. Keep it country,
Gretta Patrick <3

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