Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fashion Police Officer Gretta Has Spoken!!! (and really needs to vent)

There are some girls who need to realize that wearing clothes that fit is so much more attractive than trying to look skinny!
I'll be honest, I wear a size 4, I would like to wear a size 2, but that doesn't mean I should buy size 2 dresses and expect to look good in them. Nobody cares if you are a 2,4,6, or an 8. That is, unless you wear clothes that are too small for you, in which case people WILL judge you.
You're going to look beautiful no matter what size you are, so wear clothes that show off your beauty, not clothes that should be showing off someone else's, because they're doing nothing for YOU.

That being said, ladies, please cover up when you go out! Honestly, unless you're looking to get paid for sleeping with someone, there's no excuse for dressing like a prostitute. Trust me. You'll find some WAY more respectable men whilst out on the town if you leave it up to their imagination.
I honestly got more compliments on my attire when I wore long sleeves, a black pencil skirt, and black tights than I did when I was wearing a short skirt and a scrappy top.
So it really comes down to how you want to be seen. Would you rather be seen as beautiful, or as a piece of ass? If you have any self-respect, you'll say the first, and put some clothes on.

Keep it classy. Keep it country,
Gretta Patrick <3

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