Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coffee time with Gretta No. 5: Simplifying

How to Separate the, "I Wants," from the, "I Needs

Hello beautiful readers, here's video number five in my Coffee time with Gretta vlog series. I have an awesome topic for you guys today, so take a listen.

I wants vs. I needs

Learning the difference between a want and a need is crucial to living more simply, which I have been trying to do for the last couple of years. I've been getting rid of clothes, I've been trying to scale back my spending, and the most important part of this process is getting rid of the phrase, "I need that," unless it's a legitimate need.

You don't need the pair of booties. You want them. However, you do need to buy groceries this week.

You don't need the $15 bottle of wine if you can't afford it. You do need the carton of milk.

You don't need a dog. You do need a new winter coat because your current one has a hole in it.

You don't need a new pair of running shoes. You do need a pair of shoes to wear in your sister's wedding.

It's those things that most of us need a little help remembering.

What's something you can cut out of your life? Comment below.

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3

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  1. Oh, man - I just finished my post for tomorrow (Wed.) and it's all about the latest deals and steals I've found. Now I'm rethinking my purchases!!!!! I loved your talk.
    "The Busy Brunette"