Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things to do over Christmas Break

1. Impress everyone with my pecan pie (again), maybe with chocolate this time!
2. Watch It's a Wonderful Life like 12 times
3. See my friends, and have the fun times that we always do
4. Drive fast in my little red girly car (MK!) and blast Taylor Swift Christmas music and sing along like an idiot
5. Drink LOTS of hot chocolate
6. Actually make a batch of cowgirl cookies to eat for myself
7. Sleep in, and stay in my fuzzy jammies until dark
8. Play with my dogs
9. Sleepover with my BFF Millie (just like old times)
10. Try to ignore Meg when she tries to get me out of bed
11. Spend time with my family
12. Run around the house singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs
13. Finally finish that Nicholas Sparks book
14. Take a bubble bath! (or twelve)
15. Make eggnog, and not screw it up this time
16. Eat cake for breakfast
17. Paint my nails, red and green of course!
18. Find the pickle ornament on Christmas morning (it better be on the CHRISTMAS tree this time, meg)
19. NOT get my mom the same thing she gets me this year!
20. Classic Christmas Eve party! Heck yes!
21. Sledding! Provided it snows
22. Also snowmobiling
23. Use the Espresso machine! Homemade Caramel Macchiatos here I come!
25. Start writing in my diary again

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