Friday, May 15, 2015

21 Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline is a staple in your beauty box that cannot be replaced. 

Dear Reader,

I have a slight obsession with saving money. Any day I can find a new way to save money is a good day in my book. One big way to save money is to get a tub of vaseline. I prefer to get the Vaseline you find in the baby section. I love the smell of babies, which is weird but I am so not ashamed of being weird.

Vaseline is my miracle product. If I'm getting low on vaseline, then I make sure to head straight to the Paris Wal Mart to get more!

Vaseline has so many uses. A few of the most common uses for it in a beauty regimen are: 

1. Eye Makeup Remover
2. Chapstick (I even refill lipgloss pots with vaseline to put in my purse)
3. Intensive moisturizer
4. Cuticle softener
5. Acne clearer-upper
6. Foot cream
7. Massage oil
8. Gets a stuck ring off your finger
9. Poison ivy/oak/sumac soother
10. Stops eczema itch (As an eczema sufferer, I can say this works)
11. Mix old lotion with vaseline to make it like new
12. Protects hands from acetone
13. Use over your blush to highlight cheekbones
14. Protect your nose from kleenexes when you have a cold
15. Prevents chafing (If you have a thigh gap, then disregard this)
16. Soothes chafed skin after long runs or jogs
17. Helps open a sealed shut bottle of nail polish
18. Wrinkle preventer for under eyes
19. Adds a shine to your eyeshadow (Or use as a substitute if you're in a hurry)
20. Soothes and heals razor burn
21. Tan intensifier

There are way, way more uses than what I have listed above. For a list of 50 uses (That's right, 50!) click this link.

Some of the products Vaseline makes that I have in my own bathroom 

There are also lots of different lotions and gels and things that Vaseline makes. And the best part about it is that you don't have to go to a fancy makeup store to get it! It's in Wal-Marts, K-Marts, Targets, Walgreens, etc. It's just an all-around fantastic product!

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3

Did I miss any uses for Vaseline? Comment below!

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