Thursday, May 21, 2015

Psssst! Dry shampoo tutorial

Ever been confused about dry shampoo? 

Be confused no more! In this video, I'll show you my preferred way to use this particular dry shampoo. Psssst! dry shampoo is one of my favorites, and I thought it would be helpful to tell you how I like to use it.

**Full Disclosure: I'm not being paid by Psssst! Nor are they sending me any free product. I just like to use their dry shampoo. I also do not own the rights to Billy Currington's song, "I Got a Feelin.'"

What does it actually do? 

It's supposed to be your savior on days where you don't have time to wash your hair. Well, let me say, it really is. But the trouble is, how do you even use the stuff?

It's not like hairspray, so don't spray it all over your visible areas of hair. You actually have to spray it on the underside of your hair. The reason you don't spray it directly on your hair is because it'll give off a greyish tint if you do that. There's actually a distinct art to spraying this stuff on your hair.

A good rule of thumb is to actually read the directions on how to spray it. Personally, I lift my hair up layer by layer and briefly spritz between the layers. Then, wait at least a minute before touching it with a brush, comb, or teasing comb.

So what do you do about styling your hair? 

I don't know about you, but I had always been really unsure of what to do about styling my hair when I use dry shampoo. So in the interest of **not** getting any excess residue on my straightener or curling iron, I heat-style my hair before I use dry shampoo. Then I comb, brush, tease, and otherwise style my hair after I use it.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried heat-styling their hair after spraying on dry shampoo. So if you have, and you prefer it that way, please leave me a comment!

Some tips

If you know you won't wake up in time to take a shower the next morning, then spray dry shampoo on your hair the night before. That'll give it enough time to really soak into your hair and soak up the grease and oil.

Spray your part, and your bangs, but no other visible places on your head. These two areas get the most oily throughout the day, so you'll need the dry shampoo to soak up the oil real nice!

Any other places that you notice getting oily? Make sure and spray them.

Less is definitely more! The more you spray, the heavier and gunkier your hair gets. Plus, you will deplete your supply quicker. Achieving a balance with how much product to use takes some trial and error, but trying it out is the fun part, right?

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3

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