Monday, May 18, 2015

Gretta's feelin' crafty!

This has been a busy week in the craft world

So this week's crafting spree was inspired by some coming events. My wonderful boyfriend Kyle is taking me to a wedding in a couple of weeks, and I don't have a dress that still fits me that is appropriate to wear to a wedding, so since I'm living at home now, I thought, "Hey, I have dress patterns, I have lots of material, I'll just make a dress."

Find the pattern here! I made Dress A out of black satin and pink embroidered satin. The bottom of the skirt was an add-on! 

And I sure did make a dress! I made that dress in three days! Now, if you're just getting in to sewing, or if you're rusty (like me), I don't recommend using satin, like this dress. 

I have this new joke which goes, "Satin starts with an S, which stands for 'Slippery fabric.'" And my seam rippers were well loved with this dress, because I made sooo many mistakes from trying to get the satin not to slip around! But it turned out pretty well, and for the record, that little shrug that goes over it is super easy to make.

Speaking of super easy to make...

I decided that after making that complicated dress for the wedding, I could use some practice making something a little more... straightforward, aka: easy. So I found this tutorial on, "The Thinking Closet," blog and gave it a go! I think it turned out pretty well!

My new favorite skirt! Give it a try, I promise you'll be pleased.

The next big project (besides making a couple more of these awesome, and super comfy, skirts) is to make a denim skirt with an eyelet lace pop-out of the bottom. Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come. 

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country, 
Gretta Patrick <3

What do you like to make? Sound off in the comments below.

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