Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coffee Time with Gretta No. 3: Just do something: Advice for the future.

This morning's coffee time is inspired by being inspired.

I just graduated college. Now what?

It's officially the season of college graduations, and in today's day and age, it's unfortunately not uncommon to graduate without a job lined up.

So what do you do in the meantime? Do you just look for jobs, waitress or cashier for money, and then... sit around?

Heck no, techno! You do something!

What do you do? 

You're young, you don't have a lot of commitments, you have a few months before you have to start paying off your student loans, so figure out what you like to do... and just do it!

I know I want to be a reporter, but I also like to write. I like to generate content and be creative. So that means, I like to blog. So while I find a job, I'll be blogging and committing my creativity to my blog.

P.S: This has led to my new nickname, the "jobless blogger." Sticks and stones, love!

Do something you like to do. 

Who knows? You may end up making some money off your new hobby, or you could end up finding a job in whatever it is you want to do. And you know what, it's all because you figured out what you like to do!

I might be a reporter, and then a news anchor someday, but maybe this little pink camouflage blog might just become more successful than I realized it would. All I know right now is, I've just gotta do something, or I'll bust!

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country,
Gretta Patrick <3

What is it you would LOVE to do right now? Sound off in the comments!

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