Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Happy Mint Julep Day how to!

Hey, I just realized that today is mint julep day!

I’ve never had a mint julep, but doesn’t it just make you think of Jay Gatsby and the Kentucky Derby and the old south barbecues? They sound fabulous! I mean, I love mint! So let’s give this a try

The Recipe.

To make my mint julep, I did what every 21st century girl would do, I googled it! This cute little blurb popped up! And I did exactly what it said.
So easy, right? 

The verdict.

Mint juleps are strong! I mean, it’s bourbon, sugar, water, and mint leaves. I won’t lie to you, my mom and I are both wimps. We had to water ours down, but with some water, they’re just right for sipping after a long day of work! (Or before work, if you’re a blogger)

My dad’s wasn’t watered down at all, and he actually wanted another once he finished his first! I’m not quite, shall we say, tough enough to drink basically straight bourbon.

I think we shall become a proper, mint julep-drinking, group of pseudo-southerners. Okay, we’re such wannabes.

Fiddle Dee Dee. Cheers.

Keep it Classy. Keep it Country, 
Gretta Patrick <3

Tried the recipe? Comment how you like it! Or use #ChiCountry and let me know how the taste test goes! 

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